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ANGI - Associaizone Nuova Generazione Italo-Cinese, è stata scelta dall'Università dello Zhejiang, classificata tra le prime 6 Università e prestigiosa istituzione specializzata nell'alta formazione in Cina, come Referente per l'Italia per la promozione, la selezione e l'acesso al MASTER OF CHINA STUDIES riservato ai cittadini cinesei laureati e con cittadinanza italiana.

ANGI promuove il Master Of China Studies in lingua inglese, in linea con gli obiettivi del Manifesto delle Seconde Generazioni sulla base dei seguenti punti:
6. Incentivare l’internazionalizzazione del mercato del lavoro

7. Valorizzare e favorire la conservazione della cultura del Paese d’origine e rafforzare il legame con la cultura italiana

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a prestigious institution of higher education in China. In its 119-year history, ZJU has always been committed to cultivating talent with excellence, advancing science and technology, serving for social development, and promoting culture, with the spirit best manifested in the university motto “Seeking the Truth and Pioneering New Trails”. With 7 faculties and 37 colleges/schools, ZJU has a total of more than 47,339 full-time students, including approximately 14,289 graduate students, 9,153 Ph.D candidates, and 23,897 undergraduates. In addition, there are about 3,816 international students currently attending ZJU. Zhejiang University currently has 7 campuses including the International Campus in Haining.

Master of China Studies
As the first authorized master’s degree in name of China Studies by Ministry of Education, Master of China Studies (MCS) is the most influential one in China. MCS has the largest number of enrolled international students in Zhejiang University and has attracted 267 students from 44 countries since 2010. In 2014, MCS was selected as one of the six Youth of Excellence Scheme of China (YES
China Program), which is a high-level master program with Chinese government scholarship.

Institute of China Studies
Zhejiang University Institute of China Studies (ICS), founded in 2014 and located in ZJU’s international campus in 2016, is a leading cross-disciplinary center that has the main responsibility of MCS education and research on China studies in China. ICS has international academic team and administrative staffs, also has established partnership with related institutions from many worlds’ prestigious universities.

MCS has 5 different types of program based on students' and partner universities' background. You can either apply individually or through the recommendation of partner universities. You may study one year at ZJU if you have registered as a master student at a partner university. There will be opportunities for you to apply for the MCS scholarship. (Download PDF Brochure for more details).

MCS 5 course modules, consisted of theory & methodology, history & civilization, media & life, transformation & development, language & experience, focuses on providing “China Competence” with academic teaching, seminar, essay writing and social practice. English is the primary instruction language. As a two-year long master program in China, you are required to complete minimum 24 credits.

MCS professors come from various departments with overseas education background and have rich experience in teaching international students. MCS also have more than 10 foreign guest professors from partner universities to offer series of lectures of “Overseas China Studies” each year. MCS professors, specializing in the disciplines of humanities and social sciences, will help you analyze China issues from multiple and global perspectives.

Thesis research is an indispensable part in Master of China Studies. MCS will not only provide instructions and supervision in the process of thesis proposal, mid-term assessment, peer review and defense, but also set up self-design research projects, to encourage you to conduct in-depth research on the issues you are interested in. MCS thesis can be written in English, the defense is usually scheduled at the end of June, and the MA degree will be conferred in the next year.

The “Second Classroom” and practice in Chinese society have always been the emphasis point to study. MCS “Story” China project enables you to “Survey Together, Observe Real China Yourself”. In the past 6 years, MCS students’ footprints have traversed many Chinese cities and villages, governmental departments, factories and companies, markets and cultural attractions. You can have your own “Story in China” through professional research, cultural experience, internships and other multiple channels. Credits will be given after the submission of those trip reviews.

In addition to public Chinese classes, MCS provides small class with maximum of 8 students. Also we have one session to fit the needs of particular individuals. In that way you get more personal focus and feedbacks from teachers. Our teaching focus on practical content of Mandarin and you will learn from survival to everyday life Mandarin. Speaking and practicing is actually more important than learning, therefore there are also classes to practice with native Chinese speakers and use the HSK exam vocabulary. You will also have opportunity to have ZJU Chinese student as language partner.

MCS has enrolled more than 260 international students, whom came from 44 countries in the world. Students with different cultures, languages and religious have formed a real diversified community in the international campus. The campus would use English as the main language of communication. You and Chinese students would live and interact together in the academy , which includes entertainment, physical exercise, cafes, open houses and other facilities to help with your campus life. You would also be able to enjoy the private living space in the student dormitory.

The applicants shall apply to ZJU before May 30th, 2016.

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